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The EU2 Savefile Daemon

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The EU2 Savefile Daemon is a program that executes in the background while a Europa Universalis II game runs in the foreground. It lies dormant until it detects that a game savefile has been modified. When found, it parses the data within the file, compiles and tabulates it, and writes the results to various tab-separated text files. It will continue to append data to the files every time the game is saved, until the program is stopped by the player. If you have set the game to autosave every year, and use "autosave.eug" as the savefile to watch, the output files will contain one row of data at every year interval. A common use for these text files is to import them into spreadsheet applications (like Excel), to perform statistical analysis or just create pretty graphs.

This is the initial release, version 1.0. In its current state, it is working fine for me in single player games. However, it hasn't been tested by anyone else, and hasn't been tested with multi- player games. If you find it complains about the syntax of your savefile, please send me the error message along with the offending savefile. The program can be fixed quickly to accommodate the necessary syntax. It does work with 1.06 games, but since I upgraded, I haven't been able to test it with 1.05 games anymore. The major difference between 1.06 and the older savefiles is that the ai = <single-value> directive in the country sections has been changed to ai = { block-of-directives }. I have tried to recognize both formats as valid syntax.

The program is written in the Perl language. A perl interpreter is required for the program to work at all. The installation of perl will be the same as for lesov's Holy World Factbook. The program is run from the windows console ( or cmd.exe).

I have no idea what kind of performance this will require from your computer. I am able to run this on a 1.67 GHz machine with 256MB memory with no problems. I believe it should run ok on slow machines, and that the amount of RAM will be more of a factor. The program is currently a memory hog, with a high-water mark of 44MB while processing.

The types of output that can be obtained are currently:


Per country

There are plans to add more output functions soon. Enjoy!

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