EU2 Event Syntax Validator (version 0.4.1, Event Parser version 0.9.3)

Part of the The EU2 Event Validator Project

* New in Event Parser 0.9.3: Handle removecot command action
* New in 0.4: Use new parser engine. Added badboy command action added to EU2 v1.07. Handle multi-line quoted strings. Detect accented characters as valid letters in a word. Maximum leader and monarch id increased from 20,000 to 200,000. Escape special HTML characters more rigorously. Report the number of events successfully processed.
* New in 0.3.1: Removed warning when encountering the core trigger, which wasn't a working trigger before 1.06. Added a check for the same event ID used more than once.
* New in 0.3: Added the ai and flag triggers, and setflag, clrflag, and ai commands available in 1.06.

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